“Don’t Sleep is the kind of book that burns through the coffee table its on.”

—The Paris Review

The title of the insistent new monograph...is as fervently conscientious as the artist's loud, literal, and acutely compelling illustrations.”


The excitement his work generates is as old and new as the ancients reacting to the news of the world through alchemy, the beauty that comes when images become words, and words, images.”

—Hilton Als

“Oliver Munday’s work is a marvel. His medium can be a book, a poster or a journal; his subject can be the fury of politics or the intricacies of literature. Whatever the content or the form, he never just illustrates. He illuminates.”

—Margo Jefferson

“‘Oliver Munday’ is not just a musical about orphans and a misspelled day of the week. He is also a graphic design genius.”

—Peter Mendelsund

“Oliver Munday is so good at creating simple, direct, striking visual solutions for tremendously complex and trenchant problems that time and again he seriously makes me consider quitting my job. Damn him.” 

—Chip Kidd